The word “Philharmonic” means “in loving harmony.” It perfectly expresses the spirit that sustains the orchestra and makes its concerts possible. Since 1991, musicians, directors, ushers, support staff and other volunteers have worked together to build the Philharmonic into South Jersey’s largest and most exciting orchestra. We thank them for their help.

Audience Services
William Brophy
Dr. Bob Gross
Karin H. Hirsch
Deanna Landrieu
Tricia McCunney-Thomas
Joyce Segal
Kim Shidlowski
Robert Stokes
Ian Thomas

Our Sincere Appreciation
The Philharmonic of Southern New Jersey wishes to express its appreciation to those who have so generously contributed their time, professional talent, products and materials.

Bottino’s ShopRite
Anthony Campione
Baird & Margo Foster
Bellia Print & Copy Center
Martha and Bob Frampton
William Joyce
Rona Kornfeld
Long Run Press
Jennifer Lusch, Lusch Designs
Tricia McCunney-Thomas
Karin McGarry
Isaac Segal, The Star Group
Lois Van Zant Shamer
Richard Smith
Robert Stokes
Stradley Ronon
Barbara Travaline
Philip Travaline
Tom Williams
Brad Zabelski, Traveling Tracks