The music director will audition each applicant for a playing position in the orchestra. The audition may include prepared solos and sight reading, as well as sitting in with the section in rehearsal for evaluation by the section leader.


If a playing member wishes to challenge for a principal position, the member must inform the Music Director and Personnel Director. The Music Director, Personnel Director and two section leaders will adjudicate. The member challenging must have played at least four concerts to establish his/her commitment. There will be a waiting period of four months if the member wants to challenge again for the same position.


The orchestra rehearses weekly, on Wednesday evenings beginning promptly at 7:30 p.m., at Eastern Regional High School Performing Arts Center, 1401 Laurel Oak Road, Voorhees, New Jersey. Rehearsals are held each Wednesday from early September through late May.


Players are to attend each and every rehearsal except for reasons of sickness, work paid performance with another ensemble, and family emergency. Even if absences are approved, a minimum of four rehearsals including dress rehearsal is mandatory for each concert. For participation in performances, the Music Director and Personnel Director will make this determination.

Good attendance is the keystone of this organization. Rehearsals are to work on ensemble, not notes. An absence means that tempi, balance, rate of accelerando and ritardando, tone, intonation and “fitting in” with the section will be missed. Knowing your individual part does not make you an ensemble player. Only attendance at rehearsals can accomplish this.

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