Concert Etiquette for Students

What You Do At A Concert

by Dave Kimball


ClockBe sure to arrive at the concert early
So you won’t miss a beat,
The ushers will then give you a program
And show you to your seat. 

MusicThe strings will make a peculiar sound,
While woodwinds make another.
Brass and percussion will do their own things.
Help! Someone get them together.



The concertmaster comes to the rescue
And helps the musicians to tune.
Then get ready to meet TC (The Conductor)
As he will be arriving soon.


Be considerate of other people around you,Conductor
Don’t squirm, kick, laugh or eat.
But enjoy the music, the musicians and TC
While sitting quietly in your seat.


There may be times when the musicians will pause,
And you will not hear a sound.
But don’t start to talk, or give them applause
Until TC turns around.



As TC turns and bows to the audience
Smiling as the concert ends,
He will leave the stage, and then appear
Giving thanks to each of his friends.