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Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Hauler and this is my third year as principal percussionist of the PSNJ. More interesting than that is I’m only 21 and a college student! I hadn’t played orchestral music until I walked into a PSNJ rehearsal 2 and a half years ago, but the experience gave me such a rush that I choose to stay with PSNJ and earn college credit. I have also played with the Philadelphia Sinfonia Youth Orchestra, the South Florida Symphony Orchestra, the Barrington Band and most recently the Philadelphia Wind Symphony.

If you are familiar with the orchestra, you know that the last few seasons have been pretty interesting for us – Phil Travaline’s retiring season, the season we spent auditioning conductors, and soon we’ll show how hard we have been working with Matthew Oberstein! Being exposed to so many pieces of music and conductors has given me the confidence to pursue a career in music. I have made contacts here that will last me a lifetime.

As a student, I am also pleased to announce that PSNJ is offering $15 tickets at the door with a student ID for our opening concert! Believe me, this concert is not just for your parents or grandparents – this music is an inspiration to our generation. Can’t wait to see you there!